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T is a also photographer and while with just that bit of information you can guest that we already have tons of similar ideals, what I really admire about her was that she wasn’t camera shy like so many photographers are. She drove all the way from San Diego to shoot with me and I’m grateful because she was fun to shoot, easy going and let my creative juices do all the talking. I’m pretty much swooning over every image! T has naturally curly hair so the day of the shoot I thought it would be fun to step out of our normal routine of big voluminous bed head and give her a side pony adorn with a flower. It was soft and the perfect pairing to the lace rob she brought. I love myself a lace anything, but what really made this shoot was the tassels at the end of hers. Near the end of the shoot I asked her to flip it and the movement of it is just a dream! Not to mention I got to shoot at the most darling studio in Costa Mesa. The decor and the light in this place was ridiculously amazing! In summary, this is the type of day that I wish to have all the time: A day full of beautiful things!

I’m kind of in love this session with E because it had a little bit of everything. She brought a classic: a basic white button up. There is something about a man’s oversized shirt that is always flattering and always sexy. She brought something fun: A fedora. Not everyone can pull it off, but she looks so cute in one! She brought something unique. She said one of his favorite things to do was drink Crown Royale and I love it when people make it their sessions personal. Finding ways to incorporate the bottle into the shoot was interesting and I adore the challenge of any shoot. Such an awesome session, with a gorgeous lady and full of variety.

A few things I absolutely adore about the Anaheim Studio in Orange County is the sets we have. From a French inspired white headboard with gray backdrop to some lace curtains. It’s something so simple, but is a good match for everything. However, favorite thing is the chandelier that I swoon over every time I see it. But most of all I love that right next door that is a costume shop that holds all types of awesome wardrobe including the most fabulous corsets you have ever seen! The day of the shoot M came with absolutely nothing to wear, so we were lucky that a room full of lavish corsets was within arms reach. Wonderland corsets has everything from glitter to pearls to lace to themed ones, but I chose this one for M because it was little more simple. And although I do love a pretty corset I adore the images at the end when we asked her to put on her sweater. It just is a good example of how you can mix a little bit of comfort into your photos and still be sexy.

K contacted me wanting to do some photos for her online dating profile. I never thought about it before and as soon as we were done with her session I wondered why! It was so much fun and such a great way to show the best version of yourself on your eharmony or match.com profile! If you are wanting a little make over, build some confidence or just get a really great portrait of yourself this is an awesome idea! Remember, your boudoir shoot can be anything you want it to be and more.

Whether it be your wedding day or you are coming in to a boudoir shoot, I know that posing is a daunting thought. After all, you want to look your best in front of the camera and although you wish the camera could capture you just the way you are in reality it needs your help to create the perfect visual. The hard part is these are not things that we generally do as habit or a daily basis, therefore we don’t know what to do when we get in front of the lens. So here are some simple beginning posing tips that you can practice before your shoot to maximize your time.

1. Create Separation between Limbs.

Keep your joints loose and don’t push your limbs towards your body. Loose joints and bent elbows create thinner waistlines and when arms are mushed up against your body your skin tends to spread out and make them look bigger and lengthens your body mass.

2. Elongate your neck.

Tara Banks calls this the turtle. Basically it’s pushing your chin and ears forward. This feels weird, but gets rid of that dreaded double chin and contours your face and neck.

3. Pop your hip.

Create an S shape with your body. Do this by popping your hip and putting weight on one foot. Even if you are petite, you need to do this to create curves and angles.

4. Cross your legs.

Another way of creating curves with your body, but mostly this is about bending the knees to create visual lines. No straight joints!

5. Arch your back.

Push your butt out and arch your back! If you are facing toward the camera push your butt away to create flat tummies. If your butt is facing the camera, push your butt towards it for awesome booty shots, but most importantly arch, arch arch. This gives your boobies and your butt a lift.

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