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Today I was at the gym and about an hour in a half into my workout when I couldn’t stop thinking about sitting in front of my tv drinking some coffee in yoga pants, I saw this message written on the personal training board. It said, “Do it NOW! Sometimes “later” becomes never.” I thought to myself how common this must occur in everyone’s life. We often put our deepest desires and our most passionate dreams on hold because of time, fear, money….whatever the reason, we often miss out on the most fulfilling parts of living!

Don’t let your bucket list become a never. Do things! Travel, live your dreams, be wild and sexy, of course!

When D messaged me she made it a point to tell me she is a size 16. And I said to her, “even better!” D is the type of woman that I get in the studio all the time, and she is absolutely the type of woman I love to shoot. D said to me during her shoot how she would love to stop avoiding mirrors and how she wished for this shoot to bring more desire back in her life. Women choose to come into the studio for all types of reasons, but I can’t think of a better reason than this. All women are beautiful. I love being able to show women a different side of themselves because sexy is definitely not a size, but a feeling!

Also check out the behind the scenes video from the shoot.

I tell women all the time that it doesn’t matter what your size they are, as long as they own it and love themselves! And if you don’t, that is even more reason to come in and do a boudoir shoot! A a women, you deserve to feel beautiful and I don’t think your body should hinder your ability to be gorgeous! I love that fact that M is so so comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t let her size or weigh define her sexy side, and you don’t either.

Last month I got to be involved with a pose coaching session in my studio. There are a ton of things that makes my job really rewarding. I feel that in photography I inspire people to be and feel better, whether it be for my clients to see themselves in a new light, to share ideas with another photographer or to help boost the portfolio of a new aspiring model. It sounds funny, but I really do believe that photography is an avenue to promote dreams, no matter what side of the camera you are on.

I’ve always aim to give back to the photography community and make our artistry as a whole better. While I don’t think I’m an expert in a lot of things, I do feel that the little I have learned is something that I can pass on to others. I had two photographer join me that day in the studio and we got to shoot a darling bubbly girl who really needed a portfolio uplift. I love working with new models because I can give them something really great, quality images that really reflect their potential. So all in all this was a day that really encompasses all the beautiful things photography brings into my life: Awesome people, the sharing knowledge, beautiful images, and the building of dreams.

This sexy lady here is serious about her fitness. She is a personal trainer in San Francisco, but don’t let this sweet body fool you. She loves cookies! The first time I met her that all she talked about. It’s good to note that this is only of the reasons I think she is awesome. Besides the fact that she is fun and into interested things like muy thai. She proves that as long as you are driven and WORK HARD, you can still love cookies.

Hair and Make-up By Ashley Grinnell

© Boudoir By Tammy Nguyen Le.