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Boudoir shoots are nerve wracking. I know! I’ve been there. It’s very natural to be feel excited and anxious at the same time. I can’t take all these feelings away, but I can suggest a few things you can do to help you feel less self conscious. If you want to feel your absolute best and get a extra confidence boost before you get in front of the camera here are some must needed beauty things your must to do to help with the overall experience.

1. A ManiPedi

Probably the first thing people splurge on. It’s not only relaxing, but most likely your hands and feet will be a focal point in one picture or another. Reds and French tips are the most popular, but I also like colors that matches your attire or that reflect the season.

2. A Wax

I know I feel pretty dang sexy and daring after I’ve had a visit with my sugaring expert. If you are in Orange County visit Sugar Mama. She is awesome!

3. A Trim

I wouldn’t go drastic with your haircut, but just cut off those split ends and get your hair back to a a natural bounce always feel refreshing

4. Sleep!

Avoid bags under your eyes the day of the shoot, but going to bed early and getting some much needed rest the days leading up to your shoot.

5. Eat!

I know that you are trying to starve yourself to look skinnier in your photos, but the truth is starving yourself will not make you look skinnier. It will just make you look tired. Just avoid greasy meals and opt for lower portions and healthier alternatives. This will not only give you nice glow for your shoot, but make your body feel good too.

I ventured into shooting intimate photos of men because a client mentioned to me that his wife might want some nice photos of him around the house. This provoked a thought, “Yes, why wouldn’t she?!” That is an awesome idea and truly unique and priceless! And talk about a why to spice things up!

In a way I almost want to reject the term Dudeoir because I feel that it doesn’t hold the proper value that it should. For some men, it’s a term that is easily ridiculed. However, for my male model it was a term that he fully embraced. I admire that he could and that made me change my mind about the word. When I think of what makes a good photo of a man, I think of classic, black and white photos that really highlight the genuine qualities of a man’s soul. As simple as these photos are, they are sexy and they are something special!

During my pregnancy I had my first sugaring experience and met Deborah aka Sugar Mama Skin and Tan. She is fun, full of life, and an inspiring business woman and I look forward to my sessions with her every month. Not just for the sugaring, but just to catch up on girltalk and exchange business tips. I am a believer in supporting other small business owners, especially when are are as passionate and loving as Deb. Therefore, I was beyond enthusiastic to collaborate with her for images for her website. Seeing her ideas come to life and how excited she was about the images makes me grateful to be able to provide such a service. I adore working and meeting woman. It fills my head when Deb tells how comfortable the girls I shot felt with me. For me, having to meet strangers often and shooting them in the most intimate of garment, reassures me to no end! Therefore, It was a great day of meeting new people, but most importantly a day that turned into fun with girlfriends. If every work day could be a day like this I would be thrilled! There were so many great images from this shoot, but I thought I would share just a few of my favorites. And although, it is in the dead of winter, what I can’t say enough is how wonderful it is that in my job it can be HOT any season!

Make sure you visit and support my friend Deb at Sugar Mama Skin Tan http://www.sugarmamaskinsugartan.com/contact/. Call her for any of your sugaring, facials or spray tanning needs.

Thank you to all our models and our hair stylist Jodi Lopez!

Hello Bride. I know with your upcoming wedding day and it’s many expenses many of you are asking, why should I do a boudoir session?

Besides the obvious The number reason is that boudoir makes a woman feel powerful, confident, beautiful and amazing. These feelings are why I shoot boudoir, but if you are bride

Here are my top three reasons:

1. This will probably be the only time you’ll be a bride, and probably the happiest time in your life. Therefore, it’s the best time to capture that natural sexy glow.

2. You will never look back and regret taking these. In fact, I think you will look back and say “I am dang hot!” Boudoir is a way to connect with your femininity and a reminder that you are amazing!

3. To see him react like this…..

PRICELESS! And this is 10 times more gratifying even when you are already married.. Think; father’s day, birthdays, valentine’s day, anniversary and Xmas. and BONUS boudoir makes a woman feel powerful, confident, beautiful and amazing. These feelings are why I shoot boudoir and definitely the #1 reason why you should come into the studio.

When I found out this lovely lady was pregnant I almost cried. I’m more happy for her than I was for myself. She has always been one of those people who thinks more about other people than herself, and he thoughtfulness makes your heart melt. She was meant to be a mom and after many years of trying he is finally almost here and I think she is a gorgeous mommy to be! I’m loving all these photos from her maternity boudoir session. She is glowing!

© Boudoir + Wedding Photo Tammy Nguyen Le.