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Hello Bride. I know with your upcoming wedding day and it’s many expenses many of you are asking, why should I do a boudoir session?

Besides the obvious The number reason is that boudoir makes a woman feel powerful, confident, beautiful and amazing. These feelings are why I shoot boudoir, but if you are bride

Here are my top three reasons:

1. This will probably be the only time you’ll be a bride, and probably the happiest time in your life. Therefore, it’s the best time to capture that natural sexy glow.

2. You will never look back and regret taking these. In fact, I think you will look back and say “I am dang hot!” Boudoir is a way to connect with your femininity and a reminder that you are amazing!

3. To see him react like this…..

PRICELESS! And this is 10 times more gratifying even when you are already married.. Think; father’s day, birthdays, valentine’s day, anniversary and Xmas. and BONUS boudoir makes a woman feel powerful, confident, beautiful and amazing. These feelings are why I shoot boudoir and definitely the #1 reason why you should come into the studio.

When I found out this lovely lady was pregnant I almost cried. I’m more happy for her than I was for myself. She has always been one of those people who thinks more about other people than herself, and he thoughtfulness makes your heart melt. She was meant to be a mom and after many years of trying he is finally almost here and I think she is a gorgeous mommy to be! I’m loving all these photos from her maternity boudoir session. She is glowing!

This is a shoot I never thought I would never do. It was just something that seemed so far outside my comfort zone. One of my favorite things is when clients approach me with themes I’ve never shot before. It really opens my eyes to possibilities. I was proposed with this idea of shooting bondage and thought it was an intriguing challenge. I pictured this shoot to be very edgy and I wanted the photos to represent a very film noir vibe. I’m super excited about the outcome and the most shocking part, I’m kind of in loved with the out of focus shots the most. They just seemed so raw and beautifully tortured. I’m inspired by this dark side of me and I hope you find it it inspiring too.

There is a picture of my husband that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it. It’s a picture of him in a tux on our wedding day, but it’s not really the fact that it’s our wedding day that makes me melt, it’s because he looks like such a stud. Every woman should have a photo like that of their husbands and that is what inspired this shoot.

Meet D. He is an ex-ice hockey player turned actor, super humble, easy to talk to, and smart! And omg he is one cute sexy man. I’m so grateful he was able to come do this shoot with me and be the first to debut my photos for her series. Ladies, wouldn’t you want your man to do a shoot like this for you?

Brace yourself for some major hunkiness.

T is a also photographer and while with just that bit of information you can guest that we already have tons of similar ideals, what I really admire about her was that she wasn’t camera shy like so many photographers are. She drove all the way from San Diego to shoot with me and I’m grateful because she was fun to shoot, easy going and let my creative juices do all the talking. I’m pretty much swooning over every image! T has naturally curly hair so the day of the shoot I thought it would be fun to step out of our normal routine of big voluminous bed head and give her a side pony adorn with a flower. It was soft and the perfect pairing to the lace rob she brought. I love myself a lace anything, but what really made this shoot was the tassels at the end of hers. Near the end of the shoot I asked her to flip it and the movement of it is just a dream! Not to mention I got to shoot at the most darling studio in Costa Mesa. The decor and the light in this place was ridiculously amazing! In summary, this is the type of day that I wish to have all the time: A day full of beautiful things!

© Boudoir + Wedding Photo Tammy Nguyen Le.