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I get asked quite often if I provide props in the studio or if people should bring props. Some of my favorite props are the ones that are the most personal to my clients. I’ve had people bring everything from something simple like his shirt to more intimate items like a stethoscope because they were med students or a spoon he used to propose with. When it comes to something that has a significant meaning to you, it makes the shoot extra special. I find it fun and challenging too when the props are little bit unique. Trust me, posing with a spoon really gets your brain thinking. When J came to her shoot she told me she loved photos that a little bit of mystery in it. We did mostly poses that gave her a lot of allure and showed off her best assets, but my favorite photos were the photos with the champagne and glass because she explained that these items held great memories in their relationship. Check out my favorite photos from her set below.

Hair and Make-up By: Ashley Grinnell

One of the things that makes shooting boudoir extra special is I get to hear about the relationships of women and their significant other. I love to see your faces light up just at the thought of him. (And that’s how it should be!) But what really makes me melt is that some women would never think about doing a session otherwise. Give yourself a pat on the back ladies for mustering enough courage to be vulnerable in front of the camera for the person you love, but most importantly walking away with a little bit more self-confident than you entered!

As always I love it when you make your boudoir session personal to you. Many of your have heroic men in your life and I think it’s awesome when you want to incorporate them into your sexy looks. If you want to get patriotic in your boudoir session here are some ideas.

1. Steal his jacket.

Easier said than done I’m sure, but this is the most popular and personal way of incorporating him into your session. I’m sure he will be surprised when he sees the photos and how you pulled it off!

2. Cameo Sheers or Overlay

Here’s something you can find at any store. A sheer cameo shirt is perfect to cover up. Or if you want to go more subtle try a cameo printed scarf.

3. Fun Costumes and Lingerie

If you want to go more scantly clad, try a military inspired costume. This one is from Gworld intimates. Hot, hot hot!

4. The American Flag!

This is one of my favorites because I love the vibrant colors of our American Flag and in a way it’s not so literal, but still patriotic.

5. Military Inspired Corset

One of the things I love about shooting in the Orange County studio is that it attached to a design shop. You can rent out tons of different corsets and when I saw these military inspired ones I was in awe!

6. On my wishlist

If you want to go more glitz and glamour here are a few things I found on pinterest that I’ve always wanted to shoot and yet again not so literal so it can still be timeless. You can find something like this on esty.

Here’s something a little bit different that you don’t get to see much when you are thinking about boudoir. In the studio that day I didn’t intend on shooting this outfit. I came in thinking I wanted to do some military inspired sets for my portfolio, but when I saw this ruffled skirt I just wanted to fall over and die. It’s so glamorous and girly, how could I say no. The skirt was full, but light and airy, so we spent most of the the shoot playing with motion. We twirled, we flipped, we danced and it really was just gorgeous frilly fun. So in love and inspired by these.

One of the rewarding perks of being a photographer is you get to hear tons of stories and it makes everyone I meet amazing and unique. As you may imagine I get many military wives in the studio and it’s always fun trying to incorporate a theme into a shoot. As always I really love it when women make the shoots personal to them. It makes their images a little bit more endearing and memorable. Sometimes it’s very literal, with his jacket or hat, but I love things that are specifically created for women with a great inspiration. When I saw this corset I was so excited to shoot in it. You can rent it at the OC studio location, so definitely inquire about it if you are interested. It’s totally cute and reminds me of the old pin up sort of look. When I told KA about the shoot she said coming for a military family she was excited to support our armed forces! This is a great homage especially if you are looking for something a little bit different for your military inspired shoot. Happy Friday!

I’m seriously in love with this studio in Anaheim that my friend referred me to. I love all the chic furniture and cool backgrounds. A couple of weeks, I spent a day just testing out the studio and I got to shoot a very leggy beauty named C. Siren. Siren means a woman who is very attractive but also dangerous. Judging by my fave images from the set, I can’t deny that this is could be true. One of the outfits C brought was a gold corset. To be honest, corsets to me are my least favorite items to shoot. They are not always flattering on women and I was quite skeptical when I asked her to put it on, but it was the perfect color against her skin and dark hair and it just absolutely popped against the purple damask background. Sooo beautiful! Can’t wait for an awesome 2014 shooting at this studio. We already have slots open for May and June! Check out the photos below and then contact us for your sexy orange county session.

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