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I use to drive by this space everyday and I would look into the parking lot and see the rows of big windows and say to myself, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could have a space there? You know how they say that you manifest your deepest desires. I think I manifested this opportunity and although I probably wasn’t in the best position to take it, I took a risk and did it anyway! Seeing it all come together has been a dream.

My first session in the new space was with a sweet, loyal and dependable bombshell. I’m so glad to have met K. When I’m in the studio I really get to connect with women and I am touched to hear her amazing story of loss, recovery and strength. Boudoir is very touching to me because I get to see women for their inner beauty too! She is gorgeous inside and out. With this new location I’m excited to be able to connect with more women and hear their stories.

Happy Sexy Saturday.

In her own words she said to me, “I haven’t shown anyone my body in like…forever!” And my first reaction was “well, that is a shame, because you are beautiful!” Even when I showed her a couple of images from the back of my camera she told me that she wasn’t use to loving herself in pictures. This is a story that is not too uncommon in my studio. It is often a misconception that I only shoot or like to shoot women who are “perfect”. In reality, all the women I shoot are just like J; real. Not at all perfect, but amazing, nonetheless. This is when my job becomes more than just a job. I get to see women become vulnerable, fearless and confident all in the same day. And what they really take away from their session is not a gift to someone else, but an experience they can look back on and say, “I really felt confident and beautiful!”

In her own review she says….

Hair and Make-up by Ashley Grinnell

While some people think that boudoir is about taking off your clothes. I find that it’s so much more than just what you see with your naked eye. ;) . Its a form of expression that only women can be! It’s about feeling amazing about being WOMEN and all that it represents. It’s connecting with your feminine energy. It’s being open and accepting about our bodies. It’s about being strong, vulnerable, fearless and sexy all in one sitting. These are things that make women truly unique!

In honor of today I asked my clients, who have allowed me to share their photos, if they can describe themselves in three words. The results made me inspired! After each entry I said to myself, “YES, ladies, YOU REALLY are those things!” HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! May you remember and feel this way everyday!

Boudoir shoots are nerve wracking. I know! I’ve been there. It’s very natural to be feel excited and anxious at the same time. I can’t take all these feelings away, but I can suggest a few things you can do to help you feel less self conscious. If you want to feel your absolute best and get a extra confidence boost before you get in front of the camera here are some must needed beauty things your must to do to help with the overall experience.

1. A ManiPedi

Probably the first thing people splurge on. It’s not only relaxing, but most likely your hands and feet will be a focal point in one picture or another. Reds and French tips are the most popular, but I also like colors that matches your attire or that reflect the season.

2. A Wax

I know I feel pretty dang sexy and daring after I’ve had a visit with my sugaring expert. If you are in Orange County visit Sugar Mama. She is awesome!

3. A Trim

I wouldn’t go drastic with your haircut, but just cut off those split ends and get your hair back to a a natural bounce always feel refreshing

4. Sleep!

Avoid bags under your eyes the day of the shoot, but going to bed early and getting some much needed rest the days leading up to your shoot.

5. Eat!

I know that you are trying to starve yourself to look skinnier in your photos, but the truth is starving yourself will not make you look skinnier. It will just make you look tired. Just avoid greasy meals and opt for lower portions and healthier alternatives. This will not only give you nice glow for your shoot, but make your body feel good too.

I ventured into shooting intimate photos of men because a client mentioned to me that his wife might want some nice photos of him around the house. This provoked a thought, “Yes, why wouldn’t she?!” That is an awesome idea and truly unique and priceless! And talk about a why to spice things up!

In a way I almost want to reject the term Dudeoir because I feel that it doesn’t hold the proper value that it should. For some men, it’s a term that is easily ridiculed. However, for my male model it was a term that he fully embraced. I admire that he could and that made me change my mind about the word. When I think of what makes a good photo of a man, I think of classic, black and white photos that really highlight the genuine qualities of a man’s soul. As simple as these photos are, they are sexy and they are something special!

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